Winter Storm Events: Safety & Parking
During a Winter Storm Event we are asking for your help to make sure Park Place stays safe and has 24-hour access in and out of our community. Here is a reminder of what we need help with:
  1. 1Emergency vehicles need access to peoples’ homes in the event of an emergency. 
  2. In the event of snow or ice, our snow plowing service needs to be able to pre-treat and plow the roads.
  3. It costs the HOA every time trucks have to come out and treat and/or plow the roads.
  4. Cars parked illegally on McCardle Drive force us to incur extra costs because of repeat visits needed to clear the roads.
  5. Cars parked on the McCardle Drive roadway might get plowed in.
  6. In addition to emergency vehicles, if the roads are not properly, cleared USPS, UPS, FedEx and other delivery services will not deliver mail or packages, trash may not be collected and other services we count on may be hindered.
Here are the rules we ask the community to follow: 
  1. There is no parking anywhere on McCardle Drive roadway when there is a Winter Storm Advisory or more severe warning.
  2. All vehicles must park in designated areas (garages, driveways or marked parking spaces not on the McCardle Drive roadway).
  3. There is no parking on “dead-end” roads (the snowplow needs the space to maneuver and move snow off the road).
  4. Any play or sports equipment located in a dead-end must be removed to allow the snowplow to maneuver and move snow off the road.  Failure to do so may result in damage to the equipment and fines from the community.
  5. Vehicles may not block driveways and are not permitted to extend over the curb into the street or over the lawn area.
  6. No vehicles are allowed to obstruct any passage, sidewalk or be illegally parked.
  7. Towing: Vehicles that are parked in fire lanes, designated “No Parking” areas, on the lawn or sidewalks may be towed at the owners’ expense.
While we try to be flexible in special circumstances, when it comes to safety and access to our homes and community during a significant winter weather event, we will be working to ensure these community rules are enforced.
Thank you for both your cooperation and your understanding,
Your HOA Board
Fire Pits at Park Place            
PENCO and the Board are responsible for both the safety of our residents and the appropriate use of the Park Place property. The use of fire pits prompted PENCO and the board to look into the matter in greater detail. This included a review of the Community Declaration, East Bradford Township Code, and consultation with our insurance carrier. Unfortunately, as a result of this research, the use of fire pits, chimineas and similar wood burning appliances are not allowed in Park Place. To be clear propane and charcoal barbeques for cooking purposes are allowed on decks and patios only. It is recreational or ceremonial fires that are not permitted.  Here’s why:
  1. East Bradford Township Code, § 76-4, B states that Ceremonial or recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25 feet of a structure, property  boundary or combustible material.
  2. As a result, under the Township code, fire pits and the like are not permitted on patios, decks, and Limited Access Areas (front, rear or side lawns) in Park Place because there is not any spot on anyone’s patio or in anyone’s yard (Limited Access Areas) that is at least 25 feet from their unit or the closest neighboring unit(s).
  3. After consulting with our insurance carrier, we have been advised that our current policy does not cover fire pits and the like located anywhere in Park Place.
For fire pits to be allowed in the Commons Areas at Park Place, the following would need to happen:
  1. More than 67% of the homeowners (49 Units) would need to approve changes to the Community Declaration (§ 14.3). 
  2. The change would have to approve the use of fire pits in the Commons Areas AND the increased cost associated with the extra insurance the community would need to pay for the additional coverage, which would result in an increase in HOA fees. 
  3. In addition, a "Fire Pit Approved Use Policy" would have to be created to satisfy both the Township Code and our insurance carrier. 
Anyone who wishes to lead such an initiative should contact Leslie Gamber, PENCO Property Manager and let her know of your interest.
We appreciate your understanding and want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.
The Park Place HOA Board and PENCO Property Manager


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